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Anglotopia Podcast

The Anglotopia Podcast is your deep dive into the rich and diverse world of British culture, hosted by Jonathan and Jacqueline Thomas, publishers of and Each episode takes you on a journey through iconic British television, captivating historical events, and essential travel tips, ensuring you experience the very best of the British Isles. Our engaging discussions feature important British guests and authors, covering everything from the latest trends and timeless traditions to hidden gems and popular landmarks. Whether you're a passionate Anglophile or simply curious about the UK, our podcast offers a delightful mix of insights and entertainment. Join us as we celebrate the charm, heritage, and unique allure of Britain, making every episode a must-listen for anyone who loves all things British.

May 17, 2024


In this episode of the Anglotopia podcast, Jonathan and Jackie Thomas discuss new updates to Anglotopia, including website changes, contests, and new books. They also talk about their new email newsletter design and the release of the Anglotopia book 'Great British Houses.' They mention the release of the 'Londontopia Dictionary of Cockney Slang' and the upcoming book 'The Anglotopia Guide to Bridgerton.' They also mention the announcement of a third Downton Abbey film. The episode concludes with a discussion on British television shows. In this conversation, Jonathan and Jackie discuss various British TV shows and movies, including the upcoming Downton Abbey film, Masters of the Air, The Three-Body Problem, The Gentlemen, Clarkson's Farm, and more. They also mention the plans for the Inglotopia podcast, including bringing in guest speakers and covering a range of topics related to British travel, history, and culture.



  • Anglotopia has made changes to their website and released a new design to optimize the reading experience on mobile devices.
  • They have also launched a new email newsletter with a new design and added features, including a weekly post and a free desktop wallpaper.
  • Anglotopia has released the book 'Great British Houses,' which is a compilation of articles on Britain's stately homes.
  • They have also released the 'London Topia Dictionary of Cockney Slang' and are working on a book called 'The Anglotopia Guide to Bridgerton.'
  • A third Downton Abbey film has been announced and is currently in production.
  • Jonathan and Jackie discuss their love for British television shows and the abundance of great British movies and TV series. The upcoming Downton Abbey film will likely feature a mix of settings in the U.S. and England, potentially exploring 1920s America.
  • Masters of the Air is a new TV show on Apple TV that focuses on the air war during World War II, with a majority of the scenes set in England.
  • The Three-Body Problem is a hard science fiction show on Netflix that takes place in a parallel world, with a significant portion of the story set in the UK.
  • Clarkson's Farm is a popular Amazon Prime show that follows Jeremy Clarkson's journey as a farmer in the Cotswolds, showcasing the challenges and beauty of British farming.
  • The Inglotopia podcast is being rebooted with plans to bring in guest speakers and cover a range of topics related to British travel, history, and culture.


00:00 Introduction and Welcome Back
00:30 Updates to Anglotopia: Website Changes and Contests
07:26 The New Anglotopia Email Newsletter
10:42 Introducing 'Great British Houses'
12:51 The 'Londontopia Dictionary of Cockney Slang'
23:15 Exciting News: A Third Downton Abbey Film
25:35 The Abundance of Great British Movies and TV Series
26:33 The Upcoming Downton Abbey Film
30:23 Masters of the Air
35:12 The Three-Body Problem
39:26 Clarkson's Farm
49:19 Rebooting the Anglotopia Podcast