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Anglotopia Podcast

Mar 30, 2022

After a long, unexpected hiatus, the Anglotopia Podcast has returned! In this episode we watch up on what's going on with Anglotopia, we talk about our exciting new Union Jack Lightbox product and how it came about, then we talk about the resumption of 'normal' travel to Britain in 2022 - and talk about our own travel plans. Plus we lift the lid on the exciting new books we have planned to come out over the next few months. We hope to begin regularly recording new podcasts going forward.

Please note: the camera turned off halfway through recording us on video, so we have decided to just publish this as audio-only (and may only do audio-only going forward as it makes it easier to record).

Show Notes

Union Jack Lightbox

Peep Show

London Tube Lightbox

Lost in the Pond Video

Oxford Continuing Education Courses

Official School Holidays Schedule

Crown & Glory Commemorative

Great Britons Book

Great Events in British History Book (link coming after release date)

101 London Travel Tips

Adventures in Anglotopia